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SEO Services

We do search engine optimization for clients.  Our goal is to get you on page one for all of your priority and secondary keywords.

Our process is straightforward.

First step we want to do is get to know your business, your competitors,and then outline the 5-10 priority keywords you want to be ranking for; and then 10-30 secondary keywords.  We use Google’s keyword tool and shoot to map out priority keywords that have a great deal of traffic hitting them.

Once we map them out, we find out exactly who’s ranking on first page of those sites, see what they’re doing, and reverse engineer their activities that led them to be in that spot.  We then have a clear plan of who we need to take down, how they got there, and how we can overtake them.

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Some of the SEO strategies we use follow the below plan.

On-page optimization.  

Update your meta titles, descriptions, and keywords for your primary pages…  Google crawls websites every week or two and pulls from those titles, descriptions, keywords, and actual copy that is on the page, as well as the meta information on the images.  This is the first step that shouldn’t take more than a couple weeks.  It’s also something that we regularly review and update every other month or so.

Links and Page Authority

The next thing we do is focus on building up a spider web of backlinks, inbound links, and outbound links.  Search engines want to see that other websites link to your website. It builds authority. They want to see a spider web of legitimate links going in and out and everywhere in between.  Ideally, these backlinks should be from high page authority sites.  The most effective way to accomplish this is to release regular, new, and original content on your site.  Articles, videos, testimonials, new images, etc.  When we create the content, we include hyperlinks on a few priority keywords to the specific page on your site.  That’s called an inbound link.  Once the content is released, we then syndicate that content on third party websites that are built for it.  This builds your backlinks and page authority up.  We create content ourselves for clients and we employee top notch copy writers and content folks.

Guest Posting & Commenting. 

This is highly effective, especially if we focus on high authority websites. Imagine getting an article of yours featured on Buzzfeed or Forbes or a major authority and trafficked website.  Instant traffic, and we can instantly overtake most of the page one search engine results. At the bottom of the content piece, we include a bio and backlink. This guest post strategy includes reaching out to potential Joint venture partners, affiliates, or website owners and asking if we can provide a guest post on their blog or site.  In that guest post, we provide solid info and include a few backlinks to your site as well as a nice bio.  This component also includes commenting on the currently high ranked sites that are sitting on the keywords we need to take over.

Getting Press

We advise our SEO clients to try and issue a press release once a month or at a minimum of once a quarter. Do something newsworthy, submit for awards, help people out somehow and then proceed to issue a PRWeb.com press release.    These press releases get picked up by many other news sites and will immediately increase rankings, build backlinks, and garner a great deal of views.  We include an account with PRWeb in our SEO packages.

… and that’s just the start…

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