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While Marc Horne was in college, his older brother Tyler Horne often encouraged him that the two of them should start a business.  Marc initially wanted to “travel” the world and “take some time off.”  After graduating, he quickly realized that the way to travel the world and fully experience life was going to be by actually starting the business.

The Horne brothers started making software back in 2007 and haven’t stopped since.

We treat you that way.  You are not just another client or just another prospect.  You are family to us.

We will take the time to review your business, your website, your ideas, and your needs before proposing our solution.

When we put our consulting hats on, we put ourselves in your shoes and provide creative ideas as to what we would do if we were in your position.

Do not expect us to tell you want you want to hear.  We won’t.  It’s not in our nature.  Honesty, even if it is brutal, is what we believe in.

We strive to find the most efficient way to accomplish a task, figure out if there is a way to help automate it, and always keep the end goal in mind.

We find solutions by asking the right questions, doing our market research, brainstorming with each other, and writing words and drawings down on paper.