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Today we had a consulting call with one of our newest Bloopio clients. The call went exceptionally well, and we wanted to share because the questions were great.

The call began with questions about picking a niche… Our client was looking to have a deal of the day site in which she caters to college students. All that she told us was that she wanted to focus on people ages 18-36 and sell all sorts of things that college aged adults like.

The problem with this is that there is not a focus. Ideally, and historically speaking, deal of the day websites work well with a niche product category. I mean take a look at… They just sold for $110 Million bucks and its because they focus on electronics only. Woot became so successful and had upwards of 10,000 consumers, watching their daily deal, at any given time. Woot still has this crazy amount of traffic, but now Amazon can capitalize on it because they paid HUGE.

So…back to our call, I told the client that we need to narrow down the niche a lot more, because there is not a specific reason to come to her site. “Anything that college aged kids like” is not a niche and there is not a focus. As we brainstormed, we decided that tailgating is popular, most college kids like it, and it’s about that time of year. There are tons of products out there, and consumers will pay top dollar to be the coolest tailgater.

After identifying the niche, we talked to about how to get products, how to get traffic, and how to use our traffic system. Collecting leads is one thing, but you have to know what to do with them once you get them. We talked about autoresponders, shopping carts, and how to accept money with ease.

After all of these topics were discussed, we made a date to launch her site, and we also talked about how to get joint venture partners on board for the launch date. Targeting customers is good, but it’s also important to get joint venture partners who can help you promote your site with excellence.

HC Consulting group is happy to conduct a consultation for you, and apply our proven strategies to your business. Please contact our support staff at 404.939.6011 and we can set up a time to brainstorm whatever you want.

At the end of the call, our client found herself committed to a solid idea, and was over all PUMPED about that the information that she had learned. She now has a platform running, products to sell, and a day to launch it all!

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