A Yipit Clone To Remember

Yipit is a Daily Deal Aggregator WebsiteYipit.com is a daily deal aggregator site.  There current success is undeniable as seen by their Alexa traffic ranking, along with their recent collection of $6,000,000.00 series B funding they received in late June.

A daily deal aggregator site, like Yipit, basically curates and aggregates deals from major daily deal sites across the web so that a subscriber can get notified of multiple deal sites at once rather than having to visit multiple websites to see all of the deals.

As the daily deal industry continues its volatile growth, launching and running a Yipit Clone makes more and more sense for those involved in the DOD industry (and for those not yet involved in this lucrative industry).

Running a daily deal aggregator, or Yipit Clone website can be a seriously lucrative model if done correctly.

It begs the question, why is Yipit the number one daily deal aggregator?  Is it because their domain name is fun and catchy?  Is it because they have received funding that enables them to drive more traffic?  Is it because they were on the first daily deal aggregator websites to launch?

My thought is that Yipit has a first mover advantage as they were one of (if not) the first daily deal aggregator websites to gain media attention.

My hypothesis is that Yipit’s incredible growth will start to slow down when more people begin to realize that starting a Yipit Clone and running their own daily deal aggregator script is very easy to do and more importantly that the barrier to entry to start, and successfully launch a Yipit clone is very low and actually next to nothing.

With DOD Aggregator’s Yipit Clone Software, you can have your own daily deal aggregator website and running in under 24 hours.  The main objectives you need to accomplish before launching are to choose a domain name, plug in affiliate links in the DOD Aggregator admin panel, and use HC Traffic Pro to begin driving traffic to your site and raising your search engine rankings.

Do you have any domain name ideas that can compete with Yipit?

There is a good chance that by now after just reading this short blog post, you are already coming up with some good ideas.

Another thing that you can do to set yourself apart and launch a successful Yipit Clone would be to make your daily deal aggregator website more niche specific by limiting the categories of deals that you feature on your website.

We have already launched DOD Aggregator to our Daily Deal Builder clients and the response has been nothing short of incredible.

Running a Yipit clone with DOD Aggregator is completely hands-off and your number one focus is to simply drive traffic and focus on building your subscriber base.  With our comprehensive training, inclusion of HC Traffic Pro, and ability to create and run advertisements on your site, it makes running one of these sites a WIN-WIN-WIN scenario.

To learn more about DODAggregator.com, we encourage you to visit:


Be sure to get on the early notification list so we can let you know when DOD Aggregator becomes available (happening later this week).

Make moves today,

Marc Horne
HC Consulting Group

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