18, million dollar business ideas

Here at HC Consulting Group we always get excited when our clients see true success and turn their million dollar ideas into reality…

…so excited in fact that I’ve decided to literally hand you 18 million dollar business ideas.

Without further ado; let’s get started.

1.  College Deal of the Day.  Use Facebooks start-up model and start one successfully at the college of your choice, (as long as it’s not UGA,) then move on and grow to the next great college ( again, as long as it’s not UGA.)

2. NASCAR deal of the day site .I’m not gonna dive too deep on this one, but the Atlanta motor speedway makes more money than Falcons and Braves all year. There is big money in NASCAR. One item for sale every day. Yeah come on! (Spoken in my most country accent possible.)  Again, just check out bloopio.com and make it a reality today.  Where you at Dale Ernhardt Jr.?

3. City wide daily deal site.  Groupon is the fastest growing company right now (yeah faster and bigger than Facebook.)  There is only one or two other competitors right now, also.  Pick a city that they are OR aren’t in and do a full blown city-of-your-choice daily deal launch.  Once you show results for first group of business clients the other businesses will be knocking on your door. We can’t let Groupon and Living Social have all the fun and glory, can we?  Make sure that you have:
-  Billboard campaign running for your launch.
-  A major Facebook and paid traffic campaign running.
-  Awesome viral marketing strategy.

4. Micro brewery. People love their alcohol – especially in bad economic times.  Start one but be sure to sell Franziskaner Dunkelweisen for me (that’s my favorite.)  These little micro-breweries are popping in cities around the nation and people are loving it!

5. The cat head-mount camera, or kitty-cam as I call it.  Definitely some development involved in this one. It has to be a lightweight head mount camera that you can put on your cat or dog’s head. It should both store the video and live stream it. Needs to be comfortable for your animal and shoot in HD.  Paniros (my cat) would get some absolutely amazing footage that you can use in your sales material.  My girlfriend Maria and I developed this one because Paniros would produce really cool footage that we could sell to the pet channel.  Make sure you create a great infomercial for the pet cat cam and be sure to include testimonials and footage from my me and my cat. Heck I even have the infomercial scripted out already for you.

6. Animal deal of the day. No I’m not talking about leashes, collars, scratch stands, and pet food. I’m referring to actual animals that you may find in a shelter or humane society. 1 animal for sale until he or she is sold each day with their pictures and story.  Make sure their story is said in the first person point of view. Start one up in your city in conjunction with your local shelters and if idea grows and shows some sort of profit – head to the next city.  Where you at PETA?

7. I’ve always wanted to develop number 7 but I just know that it won’t be happening. The Date Rape Straw Detector. The straw turns a color if it detects ghb or other drug chemicals. Might not actually be a million dollar idea, but hey if you have the resources and knowledge, by all means make it happen.

8. Find a high school with more than 1,500 students and franchise a Chick-fil-A. Make sure it is in walking distance to the high school and preferably make sure a Starbucks is right next door to you.  Finally, remember to make your Chick-fil-A wireless enabled.

9. Fresh home made ice cream using quality ingredients.  These little companies are popping up in cities everywhere and are already showing great returns and results.

10. Start a social networking site for kids to hook their non technical – afraid of the internet – single parents up. Parent Trap anyone? Where’s the Olsen twins when you need ‘em?  Props to my lovely lady Maria for this one.

11. My buddy Josh Ferguson came up with number 11. Wish I could tell you about it but he might kill me. I will tell you that it is a social networking site. (Look, there are quite a few million dollar social networking site ideas out there just waiting to be capitalized on. Be creative and start one already at Social Network Empire.

12. Last daily deal idea, I promise. Again, there are hundreds of possibilities; so start one already at Bloopio… Car Accessories Daily Deal Site. Have you seen how many obsessive car people are out there? Have you seen how many car forums are on the Internet? Yeah. Get cranking on this using bloopio, the daily deal builder.

13. Develop a must-have toy. Remember Beanie Babies and those Tamagatchi things?  Society is just about due for another ‘Must Have Toy of 2010 and ’11.  The Beanie Baby dude is a billionaire now, by the way.  Yeah, toys are pretty cool. Nowadays, kids like intelligent toys.  But remember, they also like soft, fuzzy toys… Wait for it…  Wait for it…. A soft, fuzzy, and intelligent toy!

14. Energy drink business.  5 hour energy is awesome and profitable, but I am typically looking for about 6.5 hours of energy though.  Aren’t you?

15. #15 is all mine. I’d be an idiot to let you know what 15 is…

16. Poison Ivy Repellent. Will someone please release this already for me?  Every single year without fail I pick up poison ivy and enjoy 2 whole weeks of hell on earth and scratching my skin off!

17. The Snuggy … For pets!  I can just see the infomercial now. Hysterical!  But what’s even funnier?  It’ll sell like hotcakes.

18. Cigarettes… That are good for you somehow. Don’t ask me how to do it. Would be great though. Climbing Mt. Everest with a smoke in your mouth would just be a trip.  Professional athletes puffin a smoke right before their event.  Marketing campaigns galore.

If you decide to act upon any of these ideas, know that I am not guaranteeing they are actually million dollar ideas.  Let me know if you do make a move on any of these though because I have the know-how and resources to actually help you make it a success and we absolutely love business ventures.

Here at HC Consulting Group we have the software and tools to make many of the above ideas a reality.

To start your own daily deal website you can use HC Consulting Group’s Deal of the day sales and traffic software Bloopio.

To start the next “hit” social networking site, you can use HC’s Social Networking platform Social Network Empire.

Finally, you have a little bit of time left to submit to us your daily deal idea and potentially partner with us (see below post for details).

Remember to leave us your comments below!

Marc Horne
HC Consulting Group

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  2. Wow you guys are awesome. I need to get some money together and get you guys to mentor me. I think you guys have collected and created some awesome simple stuff to make big money with. I wanted to know if you still have openings for that supplement business you did a webinar for back in July. Please keep us posted on more opportunities to partner with you.
    thank you,
    Gabriel Forero

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  6. Heya, I personally adore your current site. That is without a doubt a terrific posting. My family and i look forward to reading much more fascinating topics that you will turn out to be publishing within the future. I have found out a bunch from this. I am grateful.

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